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  • Published on May 17, 2016



    The whole experience would have been different — and probably not as fun — without them.  Whatever modifications, changes, or accommodations you need to make in order to include them on your adventure is worth it.  Just do it.  You’ll never regret it.


    We have interviewed some of our customers that RV with their dogs, and here are their tips and tricks.


    - Make sure you have your dog on a brand of food that is available in many locations. Switching a dog from brand to brand can many times cause digestive problems, not something you want on a road trip!


     -Ask your vet for a product called FORTA FLORAfor an upset tummy, this is   a miracle worker.


     - Put copies of your veterinary  information, like X-rays, papers, history etc., on a CD and USB Key. That way it is easy to store and give to a Vet while traveling if need be.


     - Keep a good first aid kit handy with pet associated meds and bandages, you may not be close to an Animal Hospital all the time.


    -There is a weekend course you can take ( well worth the time) called DOG SAFE it will give you some hands on experience to handle real life emergencies.


     -Make some pet-related additions to your RV or car first-aid kit. For your pet, include a 50-foot rope, leash, blood stopper, solar blanket, drinking water pouches, plastic bags, and extra food. Bandage tape, scissors, cotton bandage rolls, ( Feminine Hygiene pads are excellent ) ointment, alcohol and saline.


    Plan ahead


    -Be sure your pet always wears a collar with identification tags and (for dogs) A rabies tag. If you're traveling and don't have a permanent address, you might put your cell-phone number on the tag, and perhaps the address of a trusted friend who knows how to contact you in an emergency. Your veterinarian may also be willing to act as your pet's emergency "home base”


    -Every few months, it's smart to take pictures of your pets with you. This will not only help in the event that your pet gets lost and you need to post pictures, but it also provides proof of ownership in case the two of you become separated. And microchipping is an excellent back-up measure, since this form of identification works even if your pet loses its collar and tags.


    -When you're back at camp, you can keep your dog cool by filling a cheap plastic wading pool with a few inches of water. That's a perfect place for your dog to wallow or keep its paws cool! 


    Call the Campgrounds Before You Go


    -Even if a park claims they're pet-friendly, always call ahead to confirm their policy regarding your dogs. Just in case your “fur babies” are 80 pound German Shepherd dogs , only to discover that "pet-friendly" meant dogs weighing under 20 pounds.


    Recognize and Respect the Views of Others


    While some of us can't imagine traveling without dogs, others can't imagine traveling with them. If you keep your dog under control and clean up after them, you won't give others much to grumble about.


    Happy Camping with your BEST FRIENDS !


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