Millennials and Gen X The new RV'rs

Published on Jan 14, 2016 Blog Image


There is a new generation of RV’rs…


They're fit, active and on the move in RVs that match their lifestyle.

They are exceptionally drawn to Class B motorhomes such as the Winnebago Touring Coach Travato.


 A shift has emerged in the profile of RV’rs, and it’s directly related to the interest in RV’ing by Generation X and Millennials.


They generally enjoy outdoor activities, even use their RV as a support vehicle for races ,but want something a little more comfortable than the hard ground to lay their heads down at night.


This cohort are “green minded” so a Class B fits their requirements. More  miles to the gallon,in a smaller, lighter, efficient package.


Fuel economy is huge, and inspires many a reason to go on a road trip.




It is evident that the technological boom of the past decade has influenced the RV industry. Wi Fi and digital appliances are becoming standard. This is critical for the new RV generation, many work remotely, and without connectivity, it would be impossible to consider this lifestyle.


So welcome newbies!


There is nothing like a campfire rather than a screen lighting your face….


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