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RV Protection

By the time you notice, it’s already too late. So give your RV a fighting chance against the ravages of corrosion with the proven chemical science of Diamond Kote Corrosion Protection.

Keep your travelling home looking incredible with protection for your treated metal body panels. Diamond Kote helps keeps metal rust from perforating your RV inside and out. Our Rust & Corrosion Protection has you covered from the window line down, and we’ll also repair all covered body panels in case the unexpected happens.


Why protect your new RV's Fabric Interior?

It is inevitable that at some point someone will soil your vehicle's fabric carpet or seats. It's a part of life and a significant detractor from your RV's resale value. We make sure that no spill becomes a permanent stain on your vehicle's interior fabric. Triangle RV's FibreGuard penetrates deep into the fabric, forming an invisible shield around each and every fiber. This protective coating inhibits the penetration of frustrating spills such as coffee, tea, milk and soda - without affecting the fabric's natural texture.


Why protect your new vehicle Leather / Vinyl Interior?

Our LeatherGuard formula creates an invisible barrier which protects all leather & vinyl surfaces from accidental spills. It's unique chemistry allows the leather to breathe naturally and maintain the necessary natural moisture balance to ensure a smooth supple finish for a long time. Unlike most commercial leather and vinyl treatments, the LeatherGuard product utilizes a unique "semi-permeable" water-based formula that keeps most stains from penetrating, allowing for quick and easy clean up.

Paint/Exterior Wall Guard

Is factory paint not tough enough?

Paint technology has advanced significantly over the years but so has the number of environmental hazards that can destroy your vehicle's finish. Even as your new vehicle rolls off the assembly line, the paint finish is not protected. Our Paint/Exterior Wall Guard is a unique transparent cross-link polymer formulation. Paint/Exterior Wall Guard bonds to the painted surface in a continuous film that acts as a sacrificial barrier between the paint and the destructive elements your vehicle faces every day.

Tire and Rim

You love hitting the open road, unfortunately the road doesn't always love you back. Especially your RVs tires. Make sure your wheels stay protected against any unforeseen road hazards.

Rip, Tear, Burn

Your RV was made to be lived-in, but accidental rips, tears or burns on your interior seating surfaces can be costly and unsightly. But with the Diamond Kote’s Rip, Tear & Burn protection warranty, you’re fully covered. You pay absolutely no deductible, and we take care of the repair costs for you.

Email finance@trianglerv.com or Call/Text 250-656-1122 to inquire about pricing

Receive a FREE Rip/Tear/Burn Warranty when you purchase Fabric Protection. (Limited to New Units)

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