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  • Published on Aug 21, 2015
    Top Camping Dangers in British Columbia

    We think British Columbia is one of the best places on planet earth to go camping! With all of the great parks, scenery and activities B.C. has to offer, it’s no wonder why so many people choose to camp and vacation here. But their are some dangers that you can experience in B.C. that we thought we should address. Below are some of the top dangers in B.C. that campers and motorists alike should be aware of!


    These large creatures are generally shy, but sometimes can get overly aggressive and cause damage to cars or humans. While moose attacks aren’t prevalent, there have been some documented cases in B.C. over the years. If you encounter a moose, it is best to remain calm and try not to agitate the moose in any way. If you are driving, please be alert and aware of moose crossing the road. Hundreds of car accidents are caused by moose in Canada each year. Be alert and aware!

    Officers here in B.C. say that moose who are in the city are generally looking for food. The best thing to do is to keep your distance and if you are out with pets, keep them on a leash and know where they are at all times. 


    Bears, often the most seen and feared camping foe, are like moose and are usually afraid of humans. In B.C. there are two main types of bears, Grizzly Bears and Black Bears.

    Here are some helpful tips on how to handle bears if you encounter them out in the wild or when camping.

    • Do not feed the bears! Bears who are fed human food associate food with humans. Once this occurs they lose all sense of fear towards humans and can become unpredictable and aggressive.
    • If you spot a bear in the distance, reroute and go in the opposite direction. DO NOT approach the bear.
    • When camping, make sure to reduce the odour of foods. Store your food in air-tight containers in your RV or car trunk. 


    One of the most beautiful but also reclusive animals in British Columbia is the cougar. Most people will live without seeing a cougar, but on the off chance you do encounter one, here are some facts you should know about how to be safe around cougars.

    • Never approach a cougar if you see one
    • Cougars can sometimes confuse children for prey because of their size and quick movements. If you see a cougar, pick your child up immediately. When hiking or camping, keep your children close by and always know where they are.
    • If a cougar is approaching you, do not run. Remain calm, wave sticks or your hands to try and deter it. Usually they will go away.

    Western Rattlesnake

    On to the reptile portion of dangers you might encounter in B.C. The Prairie Rattlesnake or Western Rattlesnake is found in southern B.C. and is in danger of going extinct. These snakes are poisonous however and caution should be used if you are bitten or see one of these in the wild. To identify a Western rattlesnake, look for its triangle shaped head and of course you can listen for the rattle of its tail.

    Triangle RV

    We hope that some of these camping dangers will help you when you are out camping this summer and fall. If you need any accessories or parts for your next camping trip, be sure to stop by Triangle RV Centre. Our parts store is fully stocked to provide you with whatever you may need!

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