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  • Published on Nov 21, 2020


    The Pandemic "RV Boom" may last much longer than you think... here's why.


    A national survey of 2,000 Canadian adults conducted in May 2020 by Abacus Data Canada, found that more Canadians are considering going RV ing, as concerns about COVID-19 change the kind of vacation people are looking for. Here are the results…



    Almost half of Canadian families are planning to take, or thinking about taking a summer vacation in 2021…


    The survey asked respondents to assess how risky or not different types of activities, attractions, and accommodations are as a summer vacation this year, given the pandemic.


    Here is what the survey found:  81% felt flying on an airplane for summer vacation is somewhat risky or too risky (56% thought it is too risky).  80% felt going to a music festival or outdoor concert is risky, including 55% who thought it is too risky. • 76% felt going to an amusement park or waterpark is risky, including 49% who thought it is too risky. • 68% felt staying at a resort as part of a summer vacation is risky, including 36% who thought it is too risky. • 61% felt staying in a hotel or motel as part of a summer vacation is risky, including 29% who thought it is too risky.


    In contrast, far fewer felt going camping in a tent or RV/trailer was risky. As fears about COVID-19 linger, the number of “RV Curious” Canadians has grown substantially • 1 in 3 Canadians say they “never before thought RV ing was right for them, but are now open to it.”

      Another 1 in 5 say they had considered RV ing before and are even more open to it now.

      These new RV curious Canadians are younger and more urban.

      Canadians believe RV ing is safe, family friendly, and allows them to explore different parts of Canada. When asked whether several statements describe RV ing as part of a summer vacation well or not: • 85% believe RV ing is family-friendly. • 82% believe RV ing allows them to get away and explore different parts of the country. • 80% believe RV ing allows them to get away and find peace and quiet.77% believe RV ing is convenient. • 61% believe RV ing is affordable. And most important, given the need to distance themselves from others, 78% believe RV ing “allows me to distance from other people safely”.

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